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DIY Gingerbread House Kit


All the fun of a gingerbread house, without the trouble of getting that darn house to stay together!  Each house comes preassembled with royal icing designs to be painted with an edible paint palette.  Also included will be a bag of royal icing and various candies and some special royal icing transfers to decorate your house.  Each house is approximate 4.5″ x 4.5″ x 5.5″.

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This is for an early PRESALE and pricing is subject to change.   As each item is handmade, colors may be slightly different than pictured, but actual product will be made as close as possible to sample photo.    All sales are non-refundable, due to lengthy delays in ordering of appropriate supplies.  Unless a shipping quote is requested, this product is only available for pick up.  Please do not order if you are unable to pick up from our new location in South Surrey.   Shipping charges are based on your actual shipping address and quote will be provided separately.  Current pick up dates to choose from are Saturdays 8am -9am and Sundays 5-6pm.  Once you’ve placed your order, pick up instructions will be sent.


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